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Year Zero Film Review

Aug 2011
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Vivid colour, electric noise, rugged drink, beautiful humans, muscle cars, summer aura; a set of imagery implanted in our memory from the Globe Surf Year 0000 film premier last night in Newport Beach.


We strolled up to the entrance to the Apocalypse (Globe’s transformed warehouse zone), and were greeted by a roach coach slinging Mexican food and Coca Cola in glass bottles; this set a vibe that was transcended into the film (later). After an ID check, we were led through a preview of Globe’s Fall 2011 collection, straight to the bar.


Tequila infused Rockstar as well as tin can Pabst Blue Ribbon fueled the masses. DJ Vega kept the people entertained between shakas and pick up lines as the anticipation of the film grew greater. We each grabbed two drinks, walked by the slew of professional athletes, around the giant teepee (yeah) outside to the dancfloor / screening area.

Tee Pee

It’s on. After a few rocky starts (too many watts on the mega projector we think blew a fuse), Year 0000 started rolling, captivating our attention. The colors were vivid and the surfing on point.


The Globe Surf team ruled the screen. The soundtrack, scored entirely by Vancouver based musical genius Black Mountain, allocated a feeling of high energy mixed with a hallucinogen.

Thank you Globe Surf. Well done.

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