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Weirdo Ripper Surfboard by Channel Islands

Weirdo Ripper Surfboard
Oct 2012
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The Weirdo Ripper by Channel Islands is ideal for knee-high to slightly overhead surf. This surfboard fits into your quiver as the “all-around” board. It’s perfect for any beginner on up to the seasoned surfer or pro.

Weirdo Ripper Surfboard by Channel Islands

Channel Islands team rider, Yadin Nicol, spent time getting weird in the shaping bay with Al Merrick’s Pod model. After over a year behind the scenes in development with Kelly Slater, Dane Reynolds, Nathaniel Curran and Yadin Nicol; the Weirdo Ripper finally made its debut at the 2012 US Open. Dane Reynolds demonstrated its ability to excel in tricky Huntington Beach conditions. Jordy Smith (photos) also showed its full capabilities in overhead surf at the 2012 Hurley Pro (Filter by surfer: Jordy Smith).

The Weirdo Ripper features a wide forward point, v-bottom and square-winged swallow tail that performs well as a thruster or quad.


User-friendly surfboard that caters to any novice on up to the seasoned surfer or pro.

Ideal Wave Size:

The Weirdo Ripper is very versatile, performing well in knee-high to slightly overhead surf.

Dimensions – Standard

5’418 1/2″2 1/8″23.3 L
5’518 3/4″2 3/16″24.7 L
5’619″2 1/4″26.2 L
5’719 3/8″2 3/8″28.6 L
5’819 5/8″2 7/16″30.1 L
5’919 7/8″2 1/2″31.8 L
5’1020 1/2″2 9/16″34.5 L
6’020 3/4″2 5/8″36.3 L
6’221 3/8″2 3/4″40.3 L

Dimensions – Standard-Minus

5’618 7/8″2 3/16″25.1 L
5’719 1/8″2 5/16″27.5 L
5’819 1/4″2 3/8″28.9 L
5’919 1/2″2 7/16″30.4 L
5’1019 3/4″2 1/2″32 L
5’1120 1/8″2 1/2″33.1 L

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