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Watch: Andre Botha Talks About Evan Geiselman’s Rescue

Dec 2015
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Have you heard about the gnarly incident that happened at Pipeline just a few days ago? Evan Geiselman pulled into what then shaped into one hell of a close out, double up and ended up getting thrashed. South African sponger Andre Botha and photographer Zak Noyle then watched as Geiselman took three waves on the head and his board tombstoning. Botha knew that after that many waves on the head without him popping back up that something was up. After paddling in, Botha was able to grab Evan and saw the lifelessness on Evan’s face. He was then able to keep Evan above the surface and complete a couple of rescue breaths. They both were getting battered on the inside, Botha was then joined by Mick Fanning, Danny Fuller, Brian Toth and then the North Shore lifeguards. The group eventually got Evan to shore where they were able to apply CPR until emergency services arrived. It was a heavy experience but it has been confirmed that Evan is going to be okay but here is the story from the hero himself. Hats off to you Mr Botha!

Heres the video of the rescue if you haven’t already seen it.

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