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Verbage with Justin Quirk

Virbage With Justin Quirk
Oct 2009
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Let’s welcome our second victim of interrogation; The Mayor of Cabo himself and Surf Ride Team Rider, Justin Quirk. From tacos to chicks, we get the lowdown on Mr. Quirk.

  1. What was it like growing up in Cabo, in an environment enriched with sunshine, waves and fishing? Muchos Olas, chicas, cervesas, tacos, and bronzing. Its was cool, I grew up right in front of Zippers (the main right hand point) Just me and my dad and our dog. My friends from Oceanside would always a quick 2 hour flight get a away. Spring break gets looney down there too.
  2. Nicknames: JQ, Quirky
  3. Born: Long Beach CA, Moved directly south to Oceanside.
    March 28, 1984
  4. Local Spots? Bucaneer Beach, The Rock, O Side Pier
  5. What’s in your quiver? 7’6″pin, 7″0 rounded pin, 6’6″ rounded pin,(6’0″1/2- 19″- 2 3/8,) (5’8″ 19 1/2)quad, (5″5″ 19 1/4)quad. All my shortboards Are Infinity”Bigote” pro models(spanish for Mustchace) high performance shortboard me and my shaper Dan Boehne developed over the last few years. Sikkk! small wave quad boards- “Quirk Quad” A skatier model Designed by me for days when the surfs mushier. Theyre rad!

Justin Quirk

  1. Fin setups? Future, been diggin the 5 fin options. I really like the Carbon Tokoro’s
  2. Stance? goofy
  3. Kelly or Andy? Kelly’s a better competitor, I like AI’s style and approach to the wave more.
  4. Sponsors? Ezekiel, Gravis, Electric, OAM, Infinity surfboards, Skull Candy
  5. Years surfing? 20 years
  6. What’s shufflin’ on the iPod? PNAU, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Modest Mouse, Gunther, Nihilist
  7. What’s in the fridge? Cold Purified waters a must, Turkey, Tomatoes, Red Wine Vinagrette, Apples, Tortillas, Franks red hot, Bloody Mary Ingredients(secret). Not soy products……excepts soy sauce maybe edemame.
  8. What do you do when you’re not surfing? Golf, Skate, Drink Coffee get psyched.
  9. Inspirational surfers? Dane Reynolds, Nate Fletcher, Irons Bros, Wardo, Machado, Benji, C Mags
  10. Where have you been traveling, what is your latest trip? Alot of Baja, I think my last bigger trip was Infinity trip Tahiti, Morea, Rae Teah by sail boat.
  11. Favorite places you’ve traveled ? Tahiti, New Zealand, Spain, Portugal, France, Peru, India, Sumbawa, Bali, All through Mainland Mex and Cenral America. Baja’s always fun.

Justin Quirk

  1. Favorite beer: Pacifico with lime.
  2. Favorite movies Taledega Nights, Old School, Anchor Man, Rob Zombies Flicks are good, Old …Lost Movies, My best friends girlfriend.
  3. Influences / inspirations / words to live by: Hard workers, Danny Way, Anyone who pushes it as hard as they can at anything.
  4. Goals you’re working towards right now? Trying to challenge my surfing, surf bigger waves, push landing bigger airs, Have fun at whatever I’m doing
  5. Anyone you would like to thank? My Dad, My Sponsors, My friends, Bush and Arnold for screwing everyone’s pooch.

Justin Quirk

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