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Verbage With Chris Abad

Verbage With Chis Abad
Nov 2009
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Today we track down none other than Oceanside local Chris Abad. Not only does Chris manage our surf team (does a pretty good job too), but he also finds time to shred a little gnar himself.

  1. What’s shufflin’ on the iPod? All Natural and Bareback DJ’s.
  2. What’s in the fridge? Stuff to make quesadillas, hot dogs, and diet soda.
  3. Got any Nicknames? My last name usually.
  4. How’d you get that name? My father gave it to me.
  5. Where were you born, and what was the day? I was born in Torrance, CA on June 22, 1983. I currently Reside in Oceanside.

Verbage With Chris Abad

  1. Local Spots? Harbor, pier and buccaneer.
  2. Favorite places you’ve traveled Barbados.
  3. Did you surf that wave Kelly was killing it on? Yep
  4. Did it look like that? All blue and sparkly? It was blue and sparkly but not that good.
  5. Did you see Kelly? Nah, he wasn’t there.
  6. What’s in your quiver? Surfboards
  7. Rattle a couple off. Some favs. 5’11” Chemistry.
  8. What is your favorite tail? Tail on a surfboard? (laughs) Squash.
  9. Fin setups? FCS

Verbage With Chris Abad

  1. Stance Regular
  2. Kelly or Andy? Neither.
  3. Sponsors? Reef, Chemistry Surfboards, Oakley, Dakine, Surf Ride
  4. Years surfing? Uh, geez, 20.
  5. What do you do when you’re not surfing, or chasing girls at school? Hangin’ out with my girlfriend.
  6. Inspirational surfers? Justin Quirk
  7. Goals you’re working towards right now? Pass my classes in school.
  8. Favorite beer Coor’s Light.
  9. Try again. Coor’s Light.
  10. Favorite movies Super Troopers. I like Star Wars too. The older ones are better.
  11. Anyone you would like to thank? My parents, for life and guidance.
  12. Last words? Stay stoked.

Verbage With Chris Abad

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