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Verbage Surf: Brent Reilly

Verbage Surf: Brent Reilly
Feb 2010
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Verbage Surf: Brent Reilly

Nicknames N*G, Tooth

Place of birth / Date San Diego May 19th 1990

Local Spots Ponto, Warm Waters

Quiver Byrnes shaped by michael Baron 5’8″ to 7’2″

Verbage Surf: Brent Reilly

What’s shufflin’ on the iPod? Gangsta rap

What’s in the fridge? Nothing at the moment

Verbage Surf: Brent Reilly

Kelly or Andy Kelly

Sponsors Surfride, Oneill Wetsuits and Clothing, DC Shoes, OAM traction, Byrne Surfboards, Skate Designs Skateboards

Inspirational surfers Tknox, Dane Reynolds

Verbage Surf: Brent Reilly

Goals you’re working towards right now Making worlds next year

Anyone you would like to thank? All the boys at Surf Ride, my sponsors, my parents

Verbage Surf: Brent Reilly

Favorite trips Oz and Hawaii are always fun

Favorite Drink Monster and Vodka but how would i know how that tastes

Favorite movies Avatar, The dark night,

Influences / inspirations / words to live by Phillip Rivers and Darren Sproles

Verbage Surf: Brent Reilly

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