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Verbage: Aaron Coyle

Verbage : Aaron Coyle
Jan 2009
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With the launch of a new website, the Surf Ride Blog was born. Part of the blog will be an entity called Verbage. Within Verbage, you will find insight into the lives of Surf Ride’s team members. Our first victim of interrogation is Aaron Coyle. Check it out.

  1. Nicknames? Where did you get them? Some of my friends call me Ace, or A.C.
  2. Place of birth / Date 10.16.84 in Vista, CA.
  3. Local Spots? South Jetty, it keeps the OC bandits out.
  4. What’s in your quiver? MSF Channel Islands Single Fin, New Creations 6’2” squash tail, 6’4” round tail, and 6’6” round tail for the big days at blacks.
  5. Fin setups? Mostly glass on, and I’m not too partial between FCS or Future
  6. Stance? Regular
  7. Kelly or Andy? Kelly

Aaron Coyle

  1. Sponsors? Ocean Earth, New Creations Surfboards, Surf Ride, SD Skate Design
  2. Years surfing? 20 years
  3. What’s shufflin’ on the iPod? Pinback, Modest Mouse, Cut Copy, Chromeo.
  4. What’s in the fridge? Fruits, veggies and lots of fish.
  5. What do you do when you’re not surfing, or chasing girls at school? When I’m not surfing, and I’m not at school, I’m usually eating.
  6. Inspirational surfers? Rob Machado, because he lives the lifestyle to the fullest, and has the cleanest style.
  7. Where have you been traveling, what is your latest trip? Last trip was to the North Shore this winter.
  8. Tell me about your recent contest win? Quiksilver shop challenge in Huntington Beach, south side of pier. I just kind of rode on the coat tails of Che and Abad. We won a trip to the North Shore from Quiksilver.
  9. Goals you’re working towards right now? I am working towards graduating college. I am on my last year, studying finance.
  10. Anyone you would like to thank? Jesus
  11. Favorite places you’ve traveled? North shore
  12. Favorite beer? New Castle
  13. Favorite movies? Office Space

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