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Tyler Warren Portrait Interview

Feb 2012
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“I’ve been working on a movie called the “Tyler Warren Experiments“. So hopefully that comes out soon. Which would be huge, because we’ve been working on it for half a decade. That movie is based on riding a bunch of crazy boards, and making your own boards. It should be an inspirational piece hopefully.” Tyler Warren

“A freethinking man of the ocean, Tyler Warren possesses a rare approach to wave sliding; unparalleled, distinct. His surfing is subtle, yet simultaneously loud. Tyler let us into his life for half a day. Watch him surf, shape an asymmetrical board, and cruise at his art studio.” – James

Music / The Growlers – Sea Lion Goth Blues

WeLoveCreativity– How did you originally get involved with art and design?

Tyler – Just like every little kid, likes to color and draw. I just always enjoyed creating my own little world, drawing indians, or insides of tanks. Whatever my imagination wanted to see. I just never stopped, since I was young.

WLC – Any projects?

T– I’ve been working on shaping surfboards and really enjoying that. It’s a constant evolution just like art. I want to keep getting better, and keep doing what I’m doing. I’m super thankful for everything that’s happened.

My main thing is that I want people to do what the love, and enjoy what I do, and yah, keep it all goin’. Keep the creative spirit alive.

Catch the full interview with Tyler Warren over here at WLC.

Tyler Warren

Tyler Warren

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