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Thrills Spills And What Not Video Review

Thrills and Spills + A movie review
Feb 2011
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A few clicks of a mouse, a transfer of funds from one account to another, 1 business day for ground delivery; this is a short list of logistics with an end result we have been waiting for. Thrills and Spills, starring Dane Reynolds. We watched it, we critiqued it. We even snapped little tid bits for you to see (in the most Dane’esque way we could via hiptomatic for iPhone) Peruse our photo gallery for our individual reviews.

Web Nerds Movie Review:


Epic greenroom + artsy artsy = Bodacious


If you like the s**t on marine layer, you’ll dig this flick; Rough edit cuts overlayed with sporadic abstract imagery and audio. Surfing creeps in throughout the film in short teaser like increments. It’s just enough to keep me craving more. Conditions aren’t all-time and there are definitely some crappy sessions, but I prefer this. I’m tired of seeing perfect Indo footage.


Weird boards, weird waves and good surfing. Made me want to go get weird. Why am I still at work? It has a good vibe about it. Far from the techno dance music rave videos, as of late. Besides one of the songs “feedback breakdowns” making my ears bleed, the visuals made up for it.


$5 of movie sales goes to a wildlife conservation organization. That’s good for animals. The grainy film footage makes me think of a different time The only thing keeping me in the now is the level and progression of his surfing. This movie has ADHD, and I like it. Its a great mix of lifestyle and surfing.


Refreshing to view Dane in his element, away from the techno dance air revo clip clip (even though I love dance music, and air revos). The colors were enjoyable, and made me want to go outside. From what the movie shows, Dane is a real human. He loves to go surfing, soak up culture, drink spirits, listen to obscure music, and share experiences with other people. If you enjoy these things as well, than you should watch

Thrills and Spills.

Thrills and Spills + A movie review

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