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The Average Joe From Channel Islands Surfboards

Aug 2013
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Channel Islands has unveiled a new surfboard model; The Average Joe – geared towards increasing wave count and the fun factor of surfing. The Average Joe hasn’t hit the streets yet, but look for it at Surf Ride very soon (early September 2013).

“Over the last six years and hundreds of CI Demo Tour Stops we have learned a few things. Sometimes surfers just want something simple, fun, and easy to ride. The Average Joe is geared towards the things that make surfing fun; Increase wave count, and making more sections. While Channel Islands is first and foremost a performance based and athlete driven company, not everyone’s next paycheck hinges on their equipment.” – Channel Islands

The Average Joe From Channel Islands Surfboards

EXPERIENCE: No experience necessary

IDEAL WAVE SIZE: Recommended for knee to head high.

RIDE THIS BOARD: 4-6” shorter than your height

Stock Dimensions and Volumes

5’120 3/82 1/426.6L
5’320 7/82 3/829.6L
5’521 3/82 1/233.0L
5’721 7/82 5/836.5L
5’922 1/82 3/439.8L
5’1122 3/82 7/843.3L
6’122 7/8347.5L

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