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Teahupoo Lay Day – Potentially The Best Lay Day In ASP History

Teahupoo Lay Day
Aug 2011
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Looks like the swell headed for Teahupoo that is forecasted for this weekend might be absolutely off the richter scale. It should provide an amazing display of heavy water charging. We can’t wait to watch the highlight reels. Below is a youtube clip of ASP affiliates talking about Lay Day down days during the waiting period for the Billabong Pro Tahiti 2011, and what it feels like to wait for a mega swell to show up. Surf Ride wishes the best of luck to all the athletes, and hopes for no injuries.

Day 4 / Morning

A few quotes from ASP announcers.

Coming up, probably one of the better lay days, in surfing history.

Yah, we’ve had two in a row mate, and in ASP history, probably 2 of the best ones. It looked four foot, and considering what’s coming, we decided to knock it on the head and have a day off. It kinda pulsed. There were a couple of rogue 8 footers in the middle of the day and it gave the boys a great chance to get out there and get amongst it.

I think the guys were really talking about Dan Ross, Julian Wilson, and Ace Buchan confirmed you can call it a solid 8 footer, not a ton of them, but a couple that came through the lineup.

They want these guys to get in the biggest possible scenario out here, they want to get the fear inside of them.

Considering what the forecast looks like, we can afford to walk away from days like yesterday.

Day 5 / Morning

Matt Wilco is very honest about his nervousness as the athletes wait for the swell to hit.

The forecast for the rest of the event looks incredible. In the next few days, it starts picking up. It could be a solid 8 feet. The weekend looks like 10 or 12 foot. I’m like, petrified. I’m so scared (laughs). But if there’s ever a time to take waves out there when its that big, it’s gonna be now.
There is water patrol everywhere, and there is people watching. The water safety guys here are incredible. They know how to navigate through the waves, and know where you are going to pop up. They are ready to pick you up if you are in trouble. So if I’m ever going to do it, it’s gonna be this week (big smile).


Teahupoo Lay Day

Do you see that Purple Blob right there? It’s headed straight for Tahiti. This is mega the swell that is headed towards Teahupoo.

Teahupoo Lay Day

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