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Surf Specific Fitness From Ezia Human Performance

Aug 2012
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Ezia HP is a radical human performance lab that caters to personal training, sports therapy, nutrition and world class fitness to athletes and individuals looking to boost performance. EZIA is where Joes train like Pros. Check out the surf specific workout video that Ezia HP has produced, featuring pro surfer, Ian Walsh.

“Ian is one of the best big wave surfers in the world. Today he is training at EZIA HP for the few days a year when the swell gets really big, like 60 feel high or more! We are going to do 5 basic exercises together, one surf specific exercise for each of the primary movements required in surfing. The surf specific movements we will train are paddling strength, duck diving strength, pop-up speed and timing, coordinated bottom turn, hit-the-lip rotational power and stability in the tube… Watch the video to learn the exercises and do them yourself at home!” – Eziahp.com

EZIA Mission: EZIA HP is the global leader in delivering fun, result driven programs while educating our clients on the benefits of an active lifestyle. Our elite team of specialists simplifies the integration of personal training, sports therapy and nutrition counseling. Our positive mindset unifies our energetic culture resulting in personal transformation.

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