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Slow Dance – A 30 Minute Color Surf Movie – Review

Slow Dance Review Surf Ride
Aug 2013
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Slow Dance – A 30 minute color surf video by Dane Reynolds. Join Craig Anderson and co as they take you on a journey through a portal of magical waveland experiences. Expect to see beautiful still photography inspired moving images, heaving barrels, and an unmatched air attack laidin with heavy style that can belong only to Ando. Watch Craig thread the seemingly endless left hand barrels of Skeleton Bay, backdoor wedging French beachbreaks and take to the sky in phantom captured slow motion. Cameos in the movie include Dane Reynolds, Ozzie Wright and more (see below). “Slow Dance” includes a 33 page zine and bonus footage. This is a must have for any surf fan’s DVD collection.

Slow Dance Screen Shot

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MOVIE: Slow Dance or If there is a heaven, I know where it B. Under the folds of the hills, that roll through the sea.


  • Craig Anderson
  • Rob Machado
  • Matt Hoy
  • Mark Occhilupo
  • Chippa Wilson
  • Dion Agius
  • Ozzie Wright
  • Dane Reynolds


  • Dane Reynolds


  • Beren Hall


  • Dane Reynolds
  • Dustin Miller


  • Dustin Miller
  • Beren Hall


  • Dane Reynolds
  • Vincent Kardaski
  • Jay Grant
  • Rod and Debbie Anderson
  • Joe G
  • Mini
  • Damien Robertson
  • Alex DePhilipo


  • Daren Crawford
  • Rick Jakovich
  • Chris Bryan
  • Beren Hall
  • Eric Hires


  • “Portrait of the Living Sky” Performed by Sun Ra – Courtesy of Evidence Music Inc.
  • “Horseshoes” Performed by Half Japanese – Courtesy of Fire Records / Fire Songs
  • “Third Party” Perfomed by Tussle – Courtesy of Small Town Supersound
  • “Come Sta La Luna” Performed by CAN – Courtesy of Spoon Records
  • “Dooyo” Performed by Dur Dur Band – Courtesy of Awesome Tapes From Africa
  • “You’re a Sucker” Performed by Uku Kuut – Courtesy of Peoples Potential Unlimited Records, Washington DC or/ PPU Records
  • “Advice To Medics” Performed by Sun Ra – Courtesy of Evidence Music Inc.
  • “Horse Stepping” Performed by Sun Araw – Courtesy of Sun Ark Records
  • “Pancake Cleaner” Performed by Swirlies – Courtesy of Taang Records
  • “Dewel” Performed by Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics – Courtesy of Strut Records
  • “Fame Hate” Performed by Wet Hair – Courtesy of De Stijl Records
  • “Movie’s Over” Performed by Club Rich House Band – Courtesy of Buelton Ferrari


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