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Single Fin By Tom Curren From Channel Islands Surfboards

Single Fin By Tom Curren From Channel Islands
Jan 2013
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Introducing, the Single Fin by Tom Curren, from Channel Islands.

“Tom Curren requested a high performance Single Fin based on the principals of his famous Black Beauty design. Unlike our prior single fins, the additional rocker and vee panels provided a much looser feel while still maintaining drive for Tom’s signature arcs. He liked the results so much we have decided to offer it to the single fin enthusiasts out there. Enjoy.” -Channel Islands

The Single Fin Tom Curren model is part of our watch list for 2013. See the rest of the list, and the top selling surfboard models of 2012 over here.

Single Fin By Tom Curren From Channel Islands Surfboards

Tom also likes a 6-Channel version, available as custom (shown above, image from Channel Islands).

We recommend a 7” to 8” medium rake single fin.


Approx 2” to 4” shorter than you are tall.


A cosmic groove


5’719 7/82 3/430.8L
5’920 1/42 7/833.1L
5’1120 1/22 7/834.4L
6’121 1/82 7/836.5L
6’321 3/42 7/838.6L

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