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Prolong The Life Of Your Wetsuit

Prolong The Life Of Your Wetsuit
Feb 2014
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For a surfer, there’s nothing quite like putting on a fresh new wetsuit for its maiden voyage into the salt. The stretchy gooey neoprene super hero suit feels great to install. A fresh wetty keeps the water out, and the warmth in. Now we all know that a new wetsuit is not cheap. See below for a quick guide to prolonging the life of your wetsuit.

Prolong The Life Of Your Wetsuit

Rinse Wetsuit with cold / cool water

After you shred, make sure to rinse your suit with cold water. A hose in the yard, a dip in the horse trough, or if you’re lucky, you live near the beach and you have the luxury of pulling your suit off in the shower. Make sure the water is cold, as warm water is not good for your suit.

Hang to Dry in shade

After you have rinsed your wetsuit, hang it up. There are multiple styles and many people have different preferences. Many suits come with a factory hanger that is thicker at shoulders. This will keep the shoulders from stretching. If you need a hanger, we have a slider HangPro hanger in our shops. Also we send them for free with the purchase of a new wetsuit. We also offer the Hang Air, which includes a fan built into a hanger. Yep, a wetsuit drying fan system.

Hang Your Wetsuit - photo TULL

Kill the smell

If you surf a ton, or have a wetsuit for a prolonged period of time, it is bound to start to smell. All it takes is the one time you forget your suit in the back of your truck; sitting wet in the camper shell, or wadded up from a camping trip, your suit will stink. Also, as all surfers know, a dawn patrol session wouldn’t be the same without coffee. Coffee is known to produce super smelly pee. If rinsing your suit, hanging in a cool dry place, and holding your pee aren’t enough, you may want to try to shampoo your suit, or get the PISS OFF product that Rip Curl makes. Also, we have heard that a little bit of listerine will do the trick.

Extra Mile

Use a surf grass mat when putting on your suit, and after your session. It will keep your suit clean from the street, sand, dirt or your friends sketchy carpet. Find them here.

Surf Grass


  • Put your wetsuit in the dryer
  • Hang your suit in the hot sun all day
  • Leave your suit in a trash bag / wet dry bag for extended time

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