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O’Neill Wetsuits 2014 – Wetsuit Technical Information Guide

O'Neill Wetsuits 2014 Technical Information Guide Surf Ride
Sep 2013
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Check out O’Neill’s freshest, most buttery wetsuits for 2013-2014. Driven by a desire to surf longer, Jack O’Neill pioneered the world’s first wetsuit in the 1950′s, allowing surfers to withstand the cold ocean temperatures and became the first name in the water.

Psycho 3 by O’Neill style #4037-13

O'Neill Psycho 3

Psycho-3 proven performer with the upgraded Techno Butter material (lighter and dryer), light weight Super Seams, XDS Air Chest and Back panels (upper torso warmth), and the patented Zip Zip with a free floating Zipper.
(Lighter, Dryer, than Ever Before)

Shop Psycho 3

Pyrotech 4/3 by O’Neill style #4193-13

O'Neill Wetsuits 2013 2014 Pyrotech

If you prefer chest zips, the Pyrotech is the warmest driest F.ront U.pper E.ntry Z.ipper or FUZE suit on the market. This suit also has 100% Techno Butter material in the main body of the suit, A Code Red Zipper to lock out water, XDS Air Firewall chest and back panels, double seal neck to keep out water flush, and FSW welded seams. All this make it the warmest chest zip on the market!

Shop Pyrotech

Psycho 1 3/2 by O’Neill style #4014-13

O'Neill Wetsuits 2013 2014 Psycho 1

Psycho-1 Minimal seam suit with 100% Techno Butter material, Patented Zen Zip closure, and FSW seams at just over $300.00
Is hard to beat. The preferred team suit because of it’s freedom and warmth.

Shop Psycho 1

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