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Kelly Slater’s 47th Win – Teahupoo Tahiti 2011

Aug 2011
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It’s hard not to cheer for Kelly Slater; he’s a lovable guy, he rips, he always has a hot girlfriend, rides experimental boards, airs, charges huge Cloudbreak, gets tubed, etc… But, gosh darn-it, can we see some new blood on the podium? -(JK) Kelly has been ruling, for a while now, and it sure does feel good to be an American today, after witnessing an incredible contest at the Billabong Tahiti Pro, Teahupoo. Congrats Kelly.

Kelly’s 47th win

Interview with GT on the boat, after drinking a beer in the channel with Raimana and snagging a kiss from girlfriend Kalani Miller.

Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater

On Strategy

“I knew I was going to have to pace my self, and there were guys who were going to have a flash of brilliance.”

On the final heat, as the day progressed

“You have to adjust, know what the tide is doing”

“I don’t want the biggest, the medium ones, in side with the tide, they are super round.

GT- What was the deal with the wave you shared with Owen?

“I got myself in the worst positing I could; I got indecisive, I thought, if Owen goes and I stand up, I would probably chop his head off. After that, if a wave came, he was going to be out there, and I’m sure the crowd would be going crazy. He ended up being too patient, and he didn’t quite get those big ones.”

“I just want to say hi to Mom and Bruce and Sean and the Millers and my daughter Taylor.”

“This one is going down in the history books, best ever, that’s what i’m going with” – GT

Kelly Slater

Quick Trivia – This happens to be Kelly Slater’s 20th year on tour, his rookie ASP season being 1991.

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