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JJF What He Rode – Pyzel

JJF What He Rode
Feb 2014
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Surfer Magazine produced a cool interview with Jon Pyzel. They chatted about John John’s quiver, and the board he is riding on the March 2014 Surfer Cover. (photo by Hawkins)

JJF What He Rode


  • HEIGHT: 6’0” (183 cm)
  • WEIGHT: 168 lbs (76.2 kg)
  • SHAPER: Jon Pyzel
  • MODEL: Next Step
  • LENGTH: 6’8″
  • WIDTH: 18.60″
  • THICKNESS: 2.44″
  • VOLUME: 30.1L
  • NOSE WIDTH: 10.70″
  • TAIL WIDTH: 13.25″
  • NOSE ROCKER: 5.90″
  • TAIL ROCKER: 2.60″
  • TAIL: Round Pin
  • CONCAVE: Double to slight vee off the tail
  • GLASSING: 4×4 Oz. deck, 6 Oz. bottom
  • BLANK: Green density (standard) Arctic Foam with four-ply stringer

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Read the rest of the interview here

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