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J-Bay Open Round One

Jul 2015
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The much anticipated J-Bay Round One went under way in South Africa, the conditions were less than what they had expected with jumbled surf and colder temperatures. Although these conditions today, Dane Reynolds (wildcard) went up against world number two Filipe Toledo and won in Heat 4. He’s now straight into the third round with another opportunity to shake up the world title race, talk about another major upset.
Later on in Heat 8, Kelly Slater paddled out and snagged two 8s to easily win his heat. Kelly hasn’t advanced past the quarters in 2015 and he’s currently sitting outside of the top 10. Even so, he’s not out of the world title hunt just yet. Keep watching on WSL to see Round 2!

Heat 1: 1st M. Bourez (12.00), 2nd B. Simpson (7.84), 3rd T. Burrow (5.26)
Heat 2: 1st J. Wilson (13.93), 2nd A. Muniz (12.27), 3rd M. Pupo (5.60)
Heat 3: 1st C. Hobgood (13.70), 2nd O. Wright (12.86), 3rd K. Otton (9.73)
Heat 4: 1st D. Reynolds (13.33), 2nd A. Melling (7.00), 3rd F. Toledo (5.33)
Heat 5: 1st M. Fanning (15.67), 2nd M. February (11.33), 3rd T. Hermes (7.66)
Heat 6: 1st K. Andino (14.03), 2nd A. De Souza (13.24), 3rd S. Prestwich (10.3)
Heat 7: 1st J. Kerr (12.94), 2nd D. Payne (10.14), 3rd S. Zietz (7.74)
Heat 8: 1st K. Slater (17.00), 2nd M. Wilkinson (9.33), 3rd G. Hall (5.40)
Heat 9: 1st A. Buchan (12.60), 2nd N. Young (10.00), 3rd W. Dantas (8.87)
Heat 10: 1st F. Patacchia Jr. (14.90), 2nd J. Andre (14.60), 3rd I. Ferreira (10.53)
Heat 11: 1st B. Durbidge (14.00), 2nd R. Christie (6.70), 3rd J. Smith (5.17)
Heat 12: 1st K. Asing (13.93), 2nd J. Parkinson (13.27), 3rd G. Medina (9.00)


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