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How To Apply A Traction Pad On Your Surfboard

Jul 2011
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So you saved your pennies and broke open the piggy bank – walked straight to Surf Ride Oceanside and threw down on a new surfboard (just in time for a south swell). Now you need a traction pad so your back foot stays put when carving an open-face man hack on a wave. If it’s your first time setting up a new board all on your own, don’t worry. Follow these 5 Easy Steps for a comprehensive explanation on how to apply a traction pad to your surfboard. Even better, watch our ‘How To’ video below and we’ll show you.

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Supplies Needed:

Apply A Traction Pad

5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Clean Your Surfboard

Apply A Traction Pad

Grab a clean paper towel and cleaning solution. If you don’t have the wax remover, you can use mineral spirits or acetone (try not to use acetone, as it is rough on your surfboard). Wipe your board down thoroughly.

Step 2: Remove Traction Pad From Packaging

Apply A Traction Pad

Grab your box cutter and carefully cut around the pad, separating the pad and its plastic wrap from the cardboard. *(note: Do Not Cut Your Board) This way the pad will peel off together and you can lay it out to see where it will sit on your board.

Step 3: Line Up Traction Pad

Apply A Traction Pad

Line up your traction pad and get a general idea of where you want it to be. Trace the corners of the traction pad so you will have a guide to put back on the board after you remove the backing.

Step 4: Drop In

Apply A Traction Pad

Peel off backing. Take the inside edges of the pad and line those up with the inside markings near the stringer. Start from one corner and place on board, then line up second marking. Push down the inner part of pad and work your way out towards the rail of the surfboard. This will help keep bubbles out.

Push down on the pad. Once it is in place, firmly push down. Next, you can take the cardboard from the packaging and rub it firmly on the traction pad, further adhering the pad to the board.

Step 5 : Go SURF!

Apply A Traction Pad

Side Note:

Most manufacturers say to wait at least 24 hours before entering the water. Blaine has found if you put the pad on properly, you can surf as soon as you put it on. But as a general rule, you should wait a couple hours to let the adhesive really set on the board.

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