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Final Day Highlights From The 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro + Kelly Slater Interview

Jun 2012
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Did you guys watch this yet? No? What are you waiting for? Final Day Highlights from the Best Contest Ever, ehem, I mean, the 2012 Volcom Fiji Pro. I don’t mean to spoil the ending, but Mr. Kelly Slater wins. He has been traveling to Fiji for over 20 years. Chris Cote interviewed the champ on Cote’s Cube, live from Tavarua, Fiji. Watch the interview below as well. Cheers to you Ke12y!

Kelly Slater ripping apart Cloudbreak

Kelly Slater on Cote’s Cube

We are pretty stoked on this interview that Chris Cote and Transworld SURF produced for Cote’s Cube live at Tavarua post win with Kelly Slater. We thought we’d put some of it in text for our friends with hearing disabilities. *Disclaimer / There might be some typos. The boys were talking really fast.

Cote – Emotional win, it must have really meant a lot for you out there?

Slater – Yah, pretty emotional, to have everyone from Tavarua, all the ladies in the restaurant and everyone from here jump out on the boat. they’re still screaming out there. And juke the chief came out. It was awesome. I won here in 05 and 08, and the same thing. To get another win, it feels like bringing it back into the family.

Cote – You have won so many times. Especially wining here, is it a different feeling or does it have that same specialness every time.

Slater – Sometimes its not the same. Sometimes I don’t have that emotion around it. Today I didn’t think I was going to, but then seeing everyone yell and smile, and sing songs. And I came in on the beach, swam in with my girl, and you know there was about 50 people there and they carried me up the beach. I couldn’t help it, I kinda broke down. It’s pretty special when that happens. My family is not all here, so they sorta take the place.

Cote – With so much emotion, how do you turn off the competitive kelly and turn on this kelly right that we’re seeing right here.

Slater – I turn everything else off when I surf. I have to turn off the emotion and stuff
I have to have that passion and that excitement for trying to win, but you gotta turn off the emotional connection to it and go out and do the job at hand. You can’t worry so much about what you’re thinking, what’s bothering you what’s in your head, what’s going on at home. All those things you have to put them out to pasture for a while. Then win or lose you can enjoy all that other stuff after.

Cote – I know you’re very close to John Roseman and the people here at Tavarua. What about this island holds such a special place in your heart?

Slater – Well, just memories really. I have friendships here for over 20 years. Just the memories from the first time coming here… to every single time I’ve come here, 20+ trips. Not one time have I come here and had a bad time. I came here once for 7 days, it rained every day except for 1, and it was still great. It’s a special place. Everyone who comes here, they can’t wait to come back… You can go everywhere in the world, and come here and get your best waves.

Cote – On the grander scheme, you have moved from 8th to 2nd place in the ratings. Getting a win under your belt, I’m not really worried about that, I’m more interested in the party we’re going to have here tonight.

Slater – I’m not a huge kava fan, but I think I will be peer pressured to having some kava tonight.

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