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Billabong Pro Tahiti Highlights Round 2 Heats 3-11

Billabong Pro Tahiti Round 2 Highlights 2014
Aug 2014
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Day two at the 2014 Billabong Pro, Tahiti was not, and would never be, as exciting as opening day. With the swell peaking yesterday, the sun broke on a toned-down but still very beautiful Chopes. Round two was in the water with Josh Kerr and last-minute call Mitch Coleborn. Kerrzy clocked a 17.90 total and while Mitch looked good, he took one particularly entertaining (for all but him) wipeout. Next, Brett Simpson beat Jordy Smith, the latter of whom admitted that he was kinda rattled from the beatings he wore yesterday. John John Florence, though not in the highest-scoring form, beat Raoni Monteiro. Bede Durbidge beat Glenn Hall in the lowest scoring heat of the day. Julian Wilson needed a one-point score over Tiago Pires and with 30 seconds remaining, and took off on a set; The lip crumbled and didn’t hold up so Jules straightened out, and was bucked into sitting position by the whitewash. Aside from the unideal implications the moment held for Jules, it was entertaining and undeniably funny to watch. Then came the surprising highlight of the day: Aritz Aranburu’s victory over Freddy P, featuring two 17 point combined totals (Aritz with the higher decimal, .46 over Freddy’s .04) and a thrilling paddle battle. Thanks to Trav Logie’s injury, CJ Hobgood progressed without getting wet. Then, Mitch Crews beat Miguel Pupo, and Miggie furiously punched his board for like 20 seconds which is a pretty long time to punch your board non-stop. And finally, Sea Bass beat Alejo Muniz, clocking a 9.97 in the process – the day’s highest score. And … siren. – Stab Magazine

The knock on the top tier of professional surfing of late has been the lack of quality surf—recent ASP World Championship Tour contests in Brazil, California, and Australia haven’t had the wow factor that surf fans are looking for.

That all changed Monday in Tahiti at a big-wave surf spot called Teahupo‘o (pronounced “cho-po”). Wave faces measured 10 to 15 feet, but at Teahupo‘o it’s not so much size but thickness that impresses (and frightens) surfers the most.

The wave breaks in mere feet of water and over a living and jagged coral reef. It has claimed the life of one surfer in the relatively short amount of time the wave has been ridden, and many have left skin and chunks of flesh out there.

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