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250+ Surfboards / 20 days

Feb 2012
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Still core since ’74. From the Land to Sea, our vision is to create hype and provide all things needed to our friends and family for riding the elements. We take pride in having a wide selection of surfboards in our shop, and at your fingertips. In the last 20 days, we have loaded our shops with over 250 surfboards. Swells have been lining our coastline, and there are more to come. When you have a chance, please stop by to peruse our selection of surfboards in our Oceanside, Solana Beach or online locations.

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Want to know what’s new? (These are linked to the boards, for easy online cruising)

  • 250 boards in 20 days, yowza!
  • ‘Kelly’s Choice’ 5 Fin Round Tail Fred Rubble, Whip and Semi Pro. These are custom ordered by our board buyer, Slater style.
  • Solana Beach now carries Lost Surfboards”>…Lost Surfboards (12 freshies this week) – Que bueno!
  • Channel Islands Neck Beard Round Tail *new tail option
  • New JS Surfboard models – Rock N Roll, Revolution
  • Channel Islands 6 channel Wizard Sleeves hitting our stores – end of March. Hold tight…

Let’s break it down for ya’, with images and all the details.

The rounded squash *new tail option Neck Beard, from Channel Islands.

Dane Reynolds made the Neck Beard famous, shredding it in slop to perfect conditions, and can be seen in Dane’s online flick, Lost Interest. The Neck Beard recently got a face lift (or tail lift rather). The new *tail option is now available. Get the Neckbeard with a squash tail and shred your favorite beach break.

Neck Beard New Rounded Squash Tail Option

Shop Rounded Squash Tail Neck Beards

Watch Blaine install a Dane Reynolds Traction Pad and shred the new Neck Beard.

The Kelly’s Choice Round Tail, 5 Fin Option Semi Pro, from Channel Islands.

Part of our “Kelly’s choice” collection, the board below bears a round tail with 5-fin option – Slater’s signature style. Stock boards normally come with a squash tail, tri-fin option. These boards were custom ordered by our board buyer, and are very limited. Get’em while you can.

Kelly's Choice Semi Pro - Round Tail, 5 Fin Option

Shop Kelly’s Choice Semi Pro

The Mini Driver, from …Lost Surfboards.

The Mini Driver is the direct result of a Kolohe Andino / Biolis mashup > “While preparing a quiver for an Indo trip Kolohe asked for ‘“a short, fast (flat rockered) little 5 fin tube rider”;. I recommended the Rock-Up, but he felt it had more tail rocker than he liked and wanted something really, really fast the he could take off extremely deep and pump through tubes from way back.” …Lost

Lost Mini Driver

Shop …Lost Surfboards

The Rock N Roll from JS Surfboards.

*Note* (It’s summer in Australia…) “The Rock n Roll is new summer series model developed to overcome all small wave conditions under 3 feet. A small wave outline that is fuller and curvier than all other summer series boards in the range. Super flat rocker with deeper single to double concave to V / double concave out tail, fuller nose, slightly wider swallow tail creates planning speed, drive and a ‘rocking’ rail to rail feel.” JS Surfboards

JS Rock N Roll Surfboard

Shop JS Rock N Roll

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