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2011 Boardshorts Buyer’s Guide

2011 Boardshorts Buyer's Guide
Jul 2011
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Saturday morning; woken by the bright streak of light that snuck its way between the curtains. Through the window, sneaks a warm breeze from the desert, fingering its way to the ocean. A Central American blend steams from your coffee cup while you wipe the haze of last nights soirée from your eyes. From the side yard looking down the hill, the turquoise water sends bright light back to your face as the summer sun heats your shoulders. A three foot south swell bends its way towards the coastline; wave, meet sand bar. You reach for your 3mm rubber man suit, but you remember how hot you were last session. Time for BOARDSHORTS, time for SUMMER SUN

Boardshorts Buyers Guide


SUMMER. Loosely translated, this means trunking it after work, bronzing while you shred, beach cruising, and if you line up your stars, a surf trip. For most of us, no matter what we do in the next few months, we are going to need a pair of boardies. Below is a guide to help you choose the best pair for your summer session.

2011 Boardshorts Buyer's Guide


Boardshorts are evolving at an exponential rate, and a big part of what has been changing is the materials used to keep you shredding. A short list of materials used lately.


Einstein computed wild math equations, Edison lit up our night, NASA put humans on the moon, and boardshort designers made our shorts stretch, and believe us, this was a huge step for mankind. Brands have been doing an insane job on developing lighter, more durable, water resistant, high performance designs that ultimately make us surf better. They sure feel good too.

  • Super Stretch4 way
  • Woven Eyelets – No metal, mo’ betta
  • Nike Flywire Tech
  • Comfort fly 2.0 closure – No chafe from velcro
  • Diamond DobbyQuiksilver’s answer to a need for a less abrasive material
  • Stretch stitch at hems
  • Lycra at inside front rise


From the lifeguard classic fit, to the flexible aerialist, the boardshort is made for all types of human body. It has evolved from a standard straight cut and morphed its way into fully ergonimic designs.

  • ClassicStraight leg, semi short and to the point
  • Short Short Well above the knee, commonly worn in the 70’s and trending highly
  • RelaxedA more relaxed, baggier fit for a casual feel
  • High PerformanceA more ergonomic, super stretchy fit made from the best materials. Also more water resistant and tolerant to severe abuse in and out of the water


Common length of a boardshort would be 21″. The range is from the ‘big boy’ 23″ length, to the ‘tan your thighs’ 15″ length.


Due to the abrasive nature of velcro, brands have leaned towards alternative methods of keeping your boardshorts closed up. The following is a list of alternate technologies.

  • Velcro Fly – (Ouch)
  • Zipper Fly – Easy access
  • Comfort fly 2.0 closure – Super comfort
  • Lace Up Front – Classic, awesome

Want an insider’s opinion? Check out our 5 favorite pairs of boardies here.

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